Link Building

Link building is the most effective way to increase the search engine rankings for your site. Google looks at the number of links that you have, as well as the value of those links, and makes the judgement about where to place you within its search engine results. Link building bolsters your organic search results, making your business easier to find and boosting profits.

There are two types of links for every website: Internal and External

Internal Links
Internal links are links which have been placed on your website. These are used when you’re referring back to your personal pages and posts that you’ve already written. For example, you’re writing a continuation of a great article about cheese. An internal link would be perfect to give your readers a look about what has come before and what to expect.

External Links
External links are links to your site from other sites. This is where Create More Profits devotes much of its time, because there are a lot more external sites than internal ones.

External sites:

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Question and Answer Pages

  • The method that we will build your links is dependent upon the type of business that you have. Each strategy is different, just as every business is different. While we do not guarantee that you will immediately reach the first page of Google from link building, we can guarantee that we use only white-hat SEO techniques to generate your links.

    Each of your links from other websites is created by a person, rather than a computer, and each of those links will be quality links from other sites and individuals. For more information about link building, or for any of the services that we offer here at Create More Profits, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 404-946-8881.