Keyword Research

Keyword-ResearchThe first item we perform for a customer before doing any sort of search engine optimization is keyword research. One of the first items you need to know before trying to optimize your site for the internet is your keywords and everything about them, you may think you know. However, until you have proof of the actual number of people searching on a certain keyword or keyword phrase from the top 3 search engines themselves over the last 12 months, and all of the parameters such as: Total Searches, SEO Traffic, PBR , SEOC, SEOTC, SEOCTR, AWT, AWC, AWCTR, AWV, SEOV, Microsoft OCI & More. You really don’t know.

If you are real serious about your business and I know you are, you are most likely wondering how to control your profits by gaining customers from the search engines and the internet once you have this information. Which brings me to my second item to be performed before optimizing, SEO Competition which is to find out what type of work your competition has done (if any) by checking on them with a interface like we have.

SEO CompetitionOur interface tell us many things, one of them is whether or not you are going to have it easy getting your listing on the front page of the search engines for your keyword(s) and just where you should be shooting for.

By checking out the competition’s information and comparing it with yours of course with the knowledge of knowing what we can do with yours, we can find this out.Keyword Analysis

Whereas we do not know the exact algorithm that each search engine (no-one does) uses we have a pretty good idea.

The search engines look at a variety of items one of them being off page factors like domain age, page rank, index count, referring domains, RDP, back links, domain back links, the types of back links that are pointing to your site, whether you are listed in the largest open directory project.

The search engines also look at on page factors for instance: does your keyword appear in your title tag, meta data, h1-h6 tags and many other items not listed here. After compiling all of this information they decide how relevant your page is to that particular keyword and place you according to their algorithm.

Again this is the first step in our process of creating you more profits. I know this sounds cliche, but here it is “you have to have a target in order to hit it” and doing keyword research allows you to see your target, and should be the first item performed before trying to optimize your site for your business.