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When thinking about creating a Facebook fan page there are many different items to decide before starting.

Some of these items we thought about before we created our @ http://www.facebook.com/createmoreprofits.

Yes we actually make a person like us before showing them any of ourcontent . There are many reasons  for this and I can explain them to you if you have the time.

Secondly yes you are r ight we imported a website onto the Facebook platform.

How… cool is that? Nothing like being able to get your message across on the largest social network in the world.

I have so many thoughts on this I actually created a video series on this that you can find on my online store found when you click on the products tab on this site.

In the mean time if you would like to know more you can download my free E-book below.

In the mean time please keep in mind: On March 30 all your pages will automatically get the new Facebook design. While you preview your pages, you can see your current design any time you want.

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If you do not have time to learn anything because your business keeps you busy you may want to check out this page below on our Social Media Services.

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Some interesting facts about social media.

  • Fact #1 There are more searches on Facebook & Twitter than Google.
  • Fact #2 Social media is the number 1 online activity in the US. Last year it was email.
  • Fact #3 Facebook¬† accounts for 25% of all page views in the US.
  • Fact #4 Facebook receives almost 3% more web visits and 5% more page views than Google.
  • Fact #5 Facebook is now the number 1 publisher of display ads.

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