Blog & Forum Marketing

Whereas I have said many times before that there are 70+ different ways to drive traffic to your business online. I do not divulge into all of them I try to stick with the ones that make the biggest difference for my customers, sort of like the lower hanging fruit scenario. Blog & forum marketing is one of the most successful and has a great ROI.

Blog marketing

Forum Marketing

When done right these two can lead to quite a bit of targeted traffic to your site in more ways than one. Below I am going to explain some key factors about blog & forum marketing. If you have the need or want for more business this is a very important online component that you should be adding to your online strategy.


Blog Marketing

We first start by making a list of blogs that are relevant to your business. While doing so we are paying very close attention to the amount of traffic these blogs get and making sure that they are still updated on a regular basis (these items are important). Secondly we try to build a relationship with the blog authors so that they will allow us to leave content on their site.

Third we craft current content to use on these blogs making you the authority on the subject in your area. You see some of these blogs may be authored by someone who does the exact same thing as you but in a different areas across the world.

One form of traffic from this method is these post are then read by the readers of the blog and if they are interested in what you have to offer you may be hearing from them.

Another form of traffic from blog marketing is the fact that blogs are public and the search engine do spider them (more often then websites because the content is more current) which means that potential customers looking for your product or service may be coming across these while they are searching. Which can lead to more traffic to your site.

Third if the content is really relevant to someone within your niche they may decide to post it to their blog for their readers to read this can be done manually or as a ping back.

Fourth is by back links pointing to your site.  See below in red

Forum Marketing

Similar to blog marketing we start out first by making a list of relevant forums that many people are visiting in you niche.

Secondly we become part of the discussion by leaving quality and sincere posts, helping out in many cases trying to get you a great reputation as an authority in your business. All the time leaving your signature that leads anyone interested directly to your site.

These posts are not only read by forum visitors which can bring traffic to your site, most forums content is public and posts are very often picked up by the search engines so when potential customers are searching for a product or service that you may offer and you have these types of valuable posts out there they will show up on top pages in the search engines which in return will lead to even more traffic to your site.

Another way is by the power of back links. See below in red.



The top search engines have page rank numbers for websites from 1-10 Ten being the highest like Google, Facebook Etc. Most people do not know that the wrong type of back link can hurt more than it can help. However if you have authority sites pointing to you with high page rank this will definitely help push your website to the top of the front page of the search engines. Which means more traffic.

Example of back links:

OK this is the greatest example of how powerful back links are and what they tell the search engines about you.

I really hope you have the time to do this. If you were to go to Google and do a search the keyword phrase “click here”. You would see that there are roughly about 873,000,000 competing pages for that search term. OK from what you know you would think that the first result on the front page would be the most relevant result and the page would have to really be all about click here.

Well if you do not have time to check it out I will just tell you that the first result for the last 7 years has been the adobe page:

No where on the page will you find anything about the word click here. So how is that page the first page on the search results for such a highly competitive search term? The answer is simple Back Links!

Whereas you will not see anything about the word click here on the webpage  However, what you do see all over the internet is that little blue back link stating that if you do not have the latest Adobe reader to view this page Click Here. They have told the search engines so many times by the naming of their back links that their page is all about click here that they are the number  one result for the term

Can you see the power of his by leaving back links all over the internet that say Click Here the are in the number one spot for the term. So if you are a lawyer of dentist you now will be on your way to telling the search engines what your site is all about.