Article Marketing

Article marketing has been in use by business in a professional manner since the printing press has been invented. Here’s how it works: First A business will provide an article to a publishing company, possibly on a timely topic such as an article on Christmas during the holiday season. Secondly the  publishing company uses the article and include the business’s name and contact information. Publishers don’t always have the budget for collecting this type of content and you may see these types of articles being used from the business section of a newspaper to a magazine article.


Online Article Marketing:

Is usually used by smart business owners to promote their business online. Here’s how it works: You have us craft an article using your knowledge of a specific subject very relevant to your business. We make you look like the authority that your are on the subject, then we submit the article to as many article directories that will pick up the article.

Article directories with good search engine page ranks receive a lot of site visitors and are may be considered authority sites on the subject by search engines, leading to high traffic.

How do you get traffic from online article marketing?

There are a couple different ways, the first is many potential customers when researching a specific product or service go to article directories to find out more about what they are looking for, and if your article makes sense they can always find your signature box at the bottom of your article that will lead them directly to your website.

Secondly since many of these article directories are considered authority sites by the search engines your article will get picked up by the search engines and displayed on the front pages of the potential customers search, which in return drives people to your website.

Third is the back links you receive from the article directories. For every article directory that picks up your article you now have a back link from a relevant and maybe powerful site pointing to you.

What are back links and what do they mean?

The top search engines have page rank numbers for websites from 1-10 Ten being the highest like Google, Facebook Etc. Most people do not know that the wrong type of back link can hurt more than it can help. However if you have authority sites pointing to you with high page rank this will definitely help push your website to the top of the front page of the search engines.

Example of back links:

OK this is the greatest example of how powerful back links are and what they tell the search engines about you.

I really hope you have the time to do this. If you were to go to Google and do a search the keyword phrase “click here”. You would see that there are roughly about 873,000,000 competing pages for that search term. OK from what you know you would think that the first result on the front page would be the most relevant result and the page would have to really be all about click here.

Well if you do not have time to check it out I will just tell you that the first result for the last 7 years has been the adobe page:

No where on the page will you find anything about the word click here. So how is that page the first page on the search results for such a highly competitive search term? The answer is simple Back Links!

Whereas you will not see anything about the word click here on the webpage  However, what you do see all over the internet is that little blue back link stating that if you do not have the latest Adobe reader to view this page Click Here. They have told the search engines so many times by the naming of their back links that their page is all about click here that they are the number  one result for the term

Can you see the power of his by leaving back links all over the internet that say Click Here the are in the number one spot for the term. So if you are a lawyer of dentist you now will be on your way to telling the search engines what your site is all about.

So in summary article marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your website and is a great bang for the buck.